A Best Way to Check the History of Used Cars

As you have decided to buy a used car in Ireland and you need to verify car’s history. Remember, it is very important to verify history of used car before you buy it. Actually, it will confirm that car is neither stolen and nor involved in any fraud. It will help you to make sure that you are going to safe purchase. Many sellers assure their customers that the car is fine, everything is okay and there is no fault. Even the dealers and sellers might not know the full truth. Best methods to verify a car history in Ireland is as under.

Motorcheck.ie is the only official website in Ireland with the updated car history check system. Be aware; do not take verification from any unauthorised dealer or seller, because they may show you wrong data, which has never updated.

Ask VIN number (vehicle identification number) from the car owner. Open motor check website and Insert the registration number in the box labeled “Irish Vehicles” and click Get Report. Remember Double check your VIN because the vehicle identification numbers contains many letters and numbers. It will display report showing Make, Model, and Year with some other important details as below Rego Check QLD.

* HPI check for outstanding finance?
* Has it been reported as Stolen?
* Is the logbook / NCT forged?
* Was it licenced as a taxi?
* Does it have valid road tax?
* Did it pass the NCT?
* What is its current value?
* What is the UK or NI history?

After online verification, you also verify VIN from the PNC (Police National Computer for recorded stolen vehicles) and confirm record with DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency). If you fail to inform DVLA before any deal, then you could be held responsible for any future motoring offences. Do not forget, you may need to check mail relating to motoring offences.

Before final deal you also take a road test with AA Ireland engineers. A new car history service started from AA Ireland, who helps you to ensure that the car you are ready to buy has passed road test and give you 175-point report.

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